Anatomy & Physiology Study Tips

The first and only Anatomy & Physiology class I took was in high school.  Throughout my undergrad, even though my degree was in science, I was never required to take A&P.  I find every section interesting, even the ones I did not previously find to be particularly exciting.

Here are a few of my study tips.

  1. Read, or at least skim the chapters before or after lecture.  This will give more depth of knowledge.
  2. Print & read the PowerPoint before lecture & be sure to study these.
  3. Print & review study guide for the lecture or chapter before the lecture.
  4. Use flash cards, online or actual cards, for terms you are struggling to memorize.  Maybe there is a set of terms that you need to memorize, and flash cards may help.  Plus these can be taken anywhere for a quick review/study.
  5. Make laminated study sheets.  Once you print the images, you can remove labels and have one side labeled, one side blank.  Whatever is best for you.  I just use a labeled diagram and cover the labels with a note card in order to quiz myself.  You can add as many images per page as you like.  I usually print 1-2 per page, and laminate 2 sheets back-to-back.  Which figures are important?  The ones that are mentioned in the PowerPoint, study guide, stressed by the professor, or include all the required terms.
  6. Other resources:
    1. Pocket Anatomy & Physiology by Shirley A. Jones
    2. Kaplan Medical Anatomy Flashcards
    3. The Human Body Identification Manual
    4. Bar Charts or Quick Study Laminated Study Sheets
  7. Study.  You must actually study the materials.  Read them, review them, quiz yourself.  This is active studying, not passive studying.


Best wishes.